Monday, April 30, 2012


i am not a guy that like to talk politic, but 428 had really inspire me a lot.
428 is the day that will become our history--Malaysia history
put aside what the main goal or objective, i think that EVERYONE should start to wake up
realize that WE as MALAYSIAN should unite
who care what races you all, you are MALAYSIAN!
It's not the particular races who do bad deed, It is human who will do bad things
try to be open minded, comment in a manner way,
don't critics according to races, critics according to the particular thing
if we don't stop being racist, Malaysia will never advance to become better country
stop guess who are those people that start the riot
it's no point as A will say B did it, B will said C did it, C will said X did it,....
let the investigation carry on
truth and justice will come one day

Everyone, stop racist and start be friendly,
it is better to take a baby step rather than standing
try to remember how OUR ancestor regardless race unite and build this country

Dont let 513 happen again
Prove to the world that we as Malaysian can live in peace and harmony!!

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